• Siga Bari
  • Siga Bari

    Siga Bari came to the United States from his native Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over twenty years ago. His name is pronounced "Singa Baree"....

    Siga spent his early career in up-market and luxury resorts in Fiji and continued working in the hospitality industry when he arrived in San Francisco. In 1992, his wife, Kati, opened her clothing shop in downtown San Francisco. Siga took an immediate interest in the fashion industry, always traveling with Kati to clothing markets in Los Angeles and New York. His flair and sense of style developed so quickly that soon he was adventuring out to shop on his own and finding exciting new collections to introduce to San Francisco.

    A few years later, Siga and Kati joined forces in both the clothing shop and an art gallery.

    Siga opened his own shop in 2014. He sells all of his favorite collections from Europe and Japan as well as the United States, and is always looking for new and exciting things. His philosophy is that style is for everyone, and he works with each customer to develop her own individual look..... and he never forgets that fashion is fun, but style is forever.

    The holidays are coming.... the holidays are coming......

    The first one, and a personal one very dear to my heart, is a holiday only in my world..... Siga’s birthday!!!❤️❤️❤️ Happy Birthday, Darlin’.... may we make this the best one ever..... Love you more.....

    We are really looking forward to all of the holidays ahead, and we are kicking off the season this Thursday with an Open House from 3 until 7. Roseburg Square is a very special little shopping center with antique stores, a wonderful grocery (having a holiday “tasting” the same day!) and nice restaurants, services, and other small shops. I will be busy baking on Wednesday!!!!

    Nice surprise of the weekend.... a visit from Jane and Cliff from Berkeley.... back from a few days in Yosemite!!!!!

    I got a small box of wonders from Magnolia Pearl this week...... and another is coming right behind it midweek. This is the Big City Dot Layla Tank Dress in a wonderful and easy egg shape..... under it is the Little Dipper T in that great boyfriend cut that fits most all of us. Perfect with it is this stainless steel and pearl Kathy Sparkman necklace!

    Ok, so I was wearing this beauty today..... the linen Layla Tank Dress from the Frida Kahlo collection. Fabulously printed all around, and nice with the stripe jersey Uniform T..... boyfriend cut again!!!!

    Now I have my entire Krista Larson tea leaf collection, and there are LOTS of wonderful pieces......

    The Sweet Shirt is all about angles and ruffles, embroidery and subtle little sequins, romance and charm.... in soft cotton voile. It is the perfect pairing to go with the botanical print cotton Vintage Skirt.....

    The Pastry Skirt is a favorite of mine, with its layers of tulle and whimsy. This time the skirt is botanical print cotton with an overlay of skinny striped cotton/ramie..... to go with the puckered cotton /ramie Cabbage Rose Shirt snd Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. Necklace by Kathy Sparkman.

    This time the skinny stripe cotton/ramie is the Long Weekender Shirt that makes such a great casual duster! It mixes up so well with the puckered cotton/ramie Short Tunnel Slip and smoke/black stripe linen Armadillo Pants.... and the velveteen heart necklace.....!

    The Boleyn Cami is a feminine, shapely style with its pretty collar and abundance of waves. Here in the Chinese ladies print cotton voile with the Asian printed Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee over linen Cottage Pants.... and velveteen heart necklace.

    Our favorite style in a fabric to love..... the Billowy Shirt in puckered cotton/ramie over the graceful angled hem of the Chinese ladies print cotton voile Long Pinwheel Slip.... with a beaded coral flat rose necklace and matching rope from Hot Cakes....

    The puckered cotton /ramie also makes one wonderful Cactus Dress!!!! A super cool shape and small swirly tucks, worn simply over the Asian print Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with the same coral jewelry.

    Here you get to see all of the botanical print cotton Pastry Skirt ( i love the mix of print and stripes!!!!) ..... with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and Cropped Cactus Pullover Vest... and a Kathy Sparkman necklace.

    You know how much I love this gorgeous embroidered silk taffeta Boleyn Cami.... when you find out that I bought TWO of them!!!!! Fabulous with your raggedy jeans and a casual tee.... and not bad with the clay velvet Long Pinwheel Slip over the botanical print cotton Vintage Skirt with a fabulous Geneva Sanjideh pin......

    Easy and great looking.... the Japanese sweatshirt cotton Armadillo Shirt with linen Cottage Pants.... and a velveteen heart necklace.

    Yikes, but this is GORGEOUS!!!!! The silk jacquard Boleyn Cami over an ikat printed silk organza Long Pinwheel Slip over the same in clay velvet. Are you not amazed at how these velveteen heart necklaces go with everything?!?!

    This is my favorite ZANY!!!! It is fun and whimsical and totally silly.... and totally FABULOUS!!!!

    The wide striped silk taffeta Short Pastry Slip has a top layer of butterfly printed silk organza.... over the botanical print cotton Vintage Skirt.... with lots of necklaces......

    The ZANY with the skinny stripe cotton/ramie Long Weekender Shirt.......

    The skinny stripe cotton/ramie Short Petticoat Slip is a cutie..... here over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee with a botanical print cotton Vintage Skirt.

    I love to mix up the tea leaf pieces with the smoke/black stripes..... here the butterfly print silk organza Short Pinwheel Slip looks rather perfect over the smoke/black stripe cotton Long Tunnel Slip.... with a long onyx rope from Hot Cakes and a Kathy Sparkman necklace.

    Isn’t the skinny stripe cotton/ramie fab in just about any style???? Here as the Bakery Cami over a velvet Short Wavy Slip and botanical print cotton Vintage Skirt .... with a Kathy Sparkman necklace and Hot Cakes hematite rope.

    And there is more...... Plus denim and black and nickel and..... lots and lots of wonderful Krista to create your special look!!!

    This is the best ever collection of Olivia Thomas’ velveteen necklaces that I have ever had...... just in time for your new outfit.... or to gift a favorite friend......

    Sox Trot socks for everyone.... mix or match them to add that touch of quirky. The best $10 accessory ever!!!!!

    Belinda Cardoza’s imagination knows no bounds!!!! Her flower pins are all mixes of vintage elements.... leather and silk, tapestries and beaded bits of Victorian gowns..... each a one-of-a-kind treasure!

    And then there are new Belinda bags.....

    #159 vintage Persian carpet... with Magnolia Pearl’s Big City Dot Layla Tank Dress and Hot Cakes hand pendant.

    #139 Vintage Persian carpet bag in a new deep shape..... with Krista Larson tea leaf puckered cotton/ramie Billowy Shirt and botanical print cotton Pastry Skirt.

    #169..... the smallest vintage Persian carpet bag yet.... for those of you who want an small and easy style..... with a Tina Givens denim chambray dress, Magnolia Pearl tee, and Krista Larson nickel cotton Long Underpinning Slip.

    #66...... vintage Persian carpet bag with a woven leather cross body strap..... a wonderful pattern to go with the Krista Larson printed linen Long Tunnel Slip!

    #34.... vintage Persian carpet bag in rich natural tones that look perfect with Krista’s stripe linen Extreme Spring Slip!

    #309.... vintage Persian carpet bag.... a great double handled style that is perfect for work or shopping.... with a clay/black stripe linen Billowy Shirt.

    How great can it get????

    #108..... authentic vintage French postal bag with subtle signs of wear on the job! Soft leather trim and a big cow tag. Great look with the Magnolia Pearl Frida Layla Tank Dress and striped Uniform T!

    I am signing off with my newest Olive Rose doll.... the Doll Maker. And how wonderful is she.....with her dollies and pencils and the thimble around her neck?!?!? I have quite a nice collection of her whimsical characters...,,

    You see..... lots and lots of wonderful to entertain and tempt you.....

    Hope to see you soon, maybe at our Open House......

    ..... for everyone!

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    Kati Koos

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