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  • Siga Bari

    Siga Bari came to the United States from his native Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over twenty years ago. His name is pronounced "Singa Baree"....

    Siga spent his early career in up-market and luxury resorts in Fiji and continued working in the hospitality industry when he arrived in San Francisco. In 1992, his wife, Kati, opened her clothing shop in downtown San Francisco. Siga took an immediate interest in the fashion industry, always traveling with Kati to clothing markets in Los Angeles and New York. His flair and sense of style developed so quickly that soon he was adventuring out to shop on his own and finding exciting new collections to introduce to San Francisco.

    A few years later, Siga and Kati joined forces in both the clothing shop and an art gallery.

    Siga opened his own shop in 2014. He sells all of his favorite collections from Europe and Japan as well as the United States, and is always looking for new and exciting things. His philosophy is that style is for everyone, and he works with each customer to develop her own individual look..... and he never forgets that fashion is fun, but style is forever.

    This is a tiny newsletter packed with fabulous pieces of denim blue. Blue..... the color that both most if you, and definitely I , have never been fond of..... Denim blue..... now the color we can wear all year and mix to be perfect for whatever we need or wherever we are going!!!!

    Krista Larson does it again!

    I have decided to go from the most fabulously casual to the girliest if fancies.....

    The denim cotton broadcloth Cabbage Rose Shirt with the Spring Pants..... and a beaded leather necklace......

    The"denim dash" cotton broadcloth Smashed Cami over the polka dot cotton lawn Pinwheel Shirt with the stitched wide leg Cactus Pants....

    The denim plaid wool Smashed Cami over the smoke/black striped cotton broadcloth Billowy Shirt with striped linen Spring Pants..... and a felted wool flower pin.

    The polka dot cotton lawn Smashed Cami over the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee, over the fig plaid cotton/ramie Pinwheel Cami, the angles of which perfectly accent those of the dramatic new denim cotton broadcloth Amelia Skirt..... and the perfect fig flower too!!!!!

    This skirt is way too fabulous!!!!!

    The crisp white cotton broadcloth Steam Punk Cami is SO perfect with the denim cotton broadcloth Amelia Shirt (worn open as a jacket) and Origami Pants!

    I think that Krista has combined the elements of two of my favorite camis from years past (the Sweet Pea and the Bakery) to come up with the new white cotton broadcloth Bakery Cami with lots and lots of pretty details.... with Origami Pants and a dressed up Frozen Charlotte necklace.....❤️

    Another re-do of a past favorite is the new, longer Petal Cami, here in striped cotton broadcloth with the fanciful polka dot cotton lawn Petticoat Skirt.......

    And just how cute is the Petal Cami in the fig plaid cotton/ramie pucker over the denim cotton broadcloth Pinwheel Cami and Cactus Pants?!

    .... and then.... I love to mix the casual with the fancy.....

    The denim cotton broadcloth Petal Cami over the circle patterned silk organza Umbrella Slip over the striped cotton broadcloth Vintage Skirt..... YIKES!!! too cute......

    ..... or the "denim dash" cotton broadcloth Smashed Cami over the circle silk organza Short Tunnel Slip over the dramatic stitched wide leg Cactus Pants in sumptuous velvet....with the Striped Organza Shawl with one of Krista's silk flower pins......

    Show off that fancy circle silk organza as a Pinwheel Cami over the plaid silk organza Umbrella Slip and denim plaid cotton/ramie Mason Skirt, with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee under it all. Add a long vintage plastic rope from Hot Cakes.....

    The denim plaid silk organza Short Tunnel Slip over the fig plaid cotton/ramie Short Petticoat Slip over the fig cotton broadcloth Mason Skirt, with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee..... and a gorgeous dark navy crystal rope.....

    Love this..... the Striped Organza Shawl with a fig/black flower pin frames the neckline of the denim velvet Pinwheel Cami that is layered over the fig plaid cotton/ramie Long Tunnel Slip and dark blue butterfly print accented Pastry Skirt.

    The printed silk organza Long Weekender Shirt and Striped Organza Shawl over the drop dead fabulous velvet Long Pinwheel Slip and butterfly printed organza Pastry Skirt.... with ropes of real crystal and vintage plastic!

    This is my news story.... Short and SWEET ❤️

    The beauty if all of the new denim pieces is that there is no end to how you can mix them.... with each other or some of your own favorite things!

    Coming attractions..... a new Krista color, more Magnolia Pearl Jeans, and ( I hope I don't jinx it...) new denim coats from Tina Givens.....

    Hope to see you soon now that fall is finally here.... or we are both happy to send you things to try!

    SIGA AND I WILL BE GONE TO LOS ANGELES ON OCTOBER 8 . 9 . 10 TO DO OUR BUYING FOR NEXT SPRING!!!!! the store will be closed that Tuesday......

    Much love to you all from Siga and me❤️❤️❤️

    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    Kati Koos

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