• Siga Bari
  • Siga Bari

    Siga Bari came to the United States from his native Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over twenty years ago. His name is pronounced "Singa Baree"....

    Siga spent his early career in up-market and luxury resorts in Fiji and continued working in the hospitality industry when he arrived in San Francisco. In 1992, his wife, Kati, opened her clothing shop in downtown San Francisco. Siga took an immediate interest in the fashion industry, always traveling with Kati to clothing markets in Los Angeles and New York. His flair and sense of style developed so quickly that soon he was adventuring out to shop on his own and finding exciting new collections to introduce to San Francisco.

    A few years later, Siga and Kati joined forces in both the clothing shop and an art gallery.

    Siga opened his own shop in 2014. He sells all of his favorite collections from Europe and Japan as well as the United States, and is always looking for new and exciting things. His philosophy is that style is for everyone, and he works with each customer to develop her own individual look..... and he never forgets that fashion is fun, but style is forever.

    I am having a bit of a rough go wrapping my head around doing a newsletter after the devastation of this last week..... Sitting in our living room watching people's lives washed away in the unrelenting flood waters.....

    Watching the way that the people of Texas came together in selfless and courageous ways to save one another.... makes me wonder why we are all Americans and equals when tragedy strikes and then revert to our divisive ways?!

    Our loving thoughts and fervent prayers and generous donations.....Texans have the rest of what it takes!

    Here in Modesto.... and even in the Bay Area.... the vicious summer heat makes me all the more happy to have a shop for all seasons... with nice light pieces to transition into autumn, and very pretty beginnings of fall.

    This is probably my favorite wear-now outfit in silk and velvet from Krista Larson......

    Since it is still summer.... more butterflies!!! They are perfect to mix with other patterns to make a fanciful outfit..... the butterfly print cotton voile Pinwheel Cami..... over the polka dot cotton lawn Short Underpinning Slip.... over the crinkled cotton/ramie check Nikki Skirt.... with a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee..., with Hot Cakes ropes in shades of coral.

    Going on vacation, anyone?

    Pattern mixing is the most fun!!! Here the polka dot cotton lawn Boleyn Cami is a whimsical layer over a butterfly print cotton voile Short Pastry Slip that has even more butterflies in the printed silk organza top layer!!! Under it all is a very cute cotton/ramie plaid Mason Skirt and black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee. LOVE Caramia's long black onyx ropes......

    Here is a lot of a vacation wardrobe in one outfit.... three really spectacular pieces.... the butterfly print silk organza Umbrella Slip.... the black silk taffeta Bakery Slip..... and the nickel/black striped silk taffeta Mason Skirt.... and the must-have black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee.

    I love to wear my FANCY Umbrella Slips with a tee shirt and jeans...... if you have them, WEAR them!!!!!!

    Krista calls this the "reverse butterfly "..... here in cotton voile as the always fabulous Billowy Shirt over the Bakery Skirt done "casual" in black cotton broadcloth. Caramia's chunky rose necklace......

    > That same butterfly print is pretty gorgeous.... and feels amazing!!!!....in silk charmeuse, again as the Billowy Shirt, this time with the nickel/black striped silk taffeta Vintage Skirt.... and those long black ropes.....

    Speaking of fabulous feeling silk charmeuse, here it is in a polka dot Billowy Shirt, worn my new favorite way - with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee underneath, this time a tie/dyed one! It is perfect with the skinny striped silk taffeta Spring Pants!

    Aha!!!! a change of pace with something different..... a tie-dyed cotton tulle Basic Tee layered over a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee.... with the gorgeous buffalo plaid silk taffeta Mason Skirt..... and a carved cross necklace and black link chain.....

    Different is sometimes a good thing!!!!!

    The last of my new black story......

    The delicious black velvet Samuel Jacket is perfect over the buffalo plaid silk taffeta Umbrella Slip and the textured polka dot Nikki Skirt ..... with lotsa necklaces!!!!

    Ok.... so maybe one more sort of black one..... the Armadillo Shirt has grown to be one of my favorite styles, and most of you seem to love it too....here in tie-dyed silk velvet with striped silk taffeta Spring Pants and those great black ropes......

    Denim is my newest Krista color.... the first of the fall collection. There are great colors coming this season, and in case some of you are wondering why they don't all come at the same time, it is because I order about 100 pieces in each color!!!! Yes, really.......

    So I will start with the first outfit that I made.... and still LOVE.... the denim butterfly print silk organza Billowy Shirt..... over the wide striped taffeta Long Pinwheel Slip..... over the silk velvet Cottage Pants.... quite wonderfully sophisticated!!!! With long onyx ropes..... they just go with everything, don't they?????

    Here the Long Pinwheel Slip is butterfly print silk organza.... over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and black Pastry Skirt..... with black onyx and purple crystal ropes...

    Scrunchy is the operative word here..... a very crinkled up plaid silk organza jacquard Short Tunnel Slip..... over a polka dot organza Long Pinwheel Slip..... with a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and silk velvet Cottage Pants.... and a small fluffy fabric flower pin...

    Guess they made all of the Long Pinwheel Slips first?!?! No matter.... them!!!

    Denim! Polka dot silk charmeuse makes a divine Kite Shirt layered over denim silk velvet Cottage Pants.... with the Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee....

    Totally decadent..... silk velvet is SO luxurious!!!!

    The Cropped Armadillo Shirt and Cottage Pants have a whimsical scrunched up layer of plaid silk organza jacquard Short Tunnel Slip in between them..... and I love how it all looks with the outrageous multi color flower pin!

    The Cottage Pants are really quite fabulous.... really wide legs, shorter in the front and longer in the back... with waves at the bottom. I have a hard time showing them because Scotch tape does not stick to velvet....Trust me.... QUITE fabulous!!!!!

    Velvet and Long Tunnel Slip...... two of our faves!!!! Here it is over a Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and plaid cotton/ramie Mason Skirt.... with my lotsa jewelry finish.......

    How is this for a great transition into casual?!?! I just added the linen/cotton denim-look Billowy Smock Dress as a jacket over the velvet Long Tunnel Slip..... and a sequined scarf and a flower because casual can be sparkly!

    The denim-look linen/cotton makes for a great Lotus Shirt..... here over a denim polka dot cotton lawn Short Tunnel Slip and plaid cotton/ramie Mason Skirt.... and the requisite Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee!!!

    ..... and how different do those underlayers look with the new white cotton broadcloth Steam Punk Vest..... SUCH great details......

    This denim dash has got to be the softest cotton broadcloth ever!!!! It makes a fabulous Lotus Shirt to wear all year long.... here with a pair of Tina Givens Jeans that have been sold (sorry.... my boo boo..... just did not have time to re-shoot!!!) My hand necklaces are back on stock... I do gave those!!!!

    I am so excited to have great new white shirts for fall!!!! I love the look of crisp white cottons or linens with rich fall fabrics!!!!

    This Charming Shirt is barely off-white linen with embroidery all around the hem. It had a wonderfully wide body and a nice big pocket, and I love the way it layers over a slip.... like this striped linen Extreme Spring Slip. The suede and bead necklace is by Colorado artist Christie Lea Payne.

    The crisp white cotton Industrial Shirt is big and long and has the perfect pocket to give Little Lottie a ride! Peaking out the bottom..... nickel/black striped linen Armadillo Pants!

    More of the striped linen Armadillo Pants show here under the white cotton broadcloth Steam Punk Shirt with all of its extravagant detail work.....

    The new white cotton Amelia Shirt is somewhat hidden here under the fig merino wool/alpaca Cropped Market Vest with its dramatic pin closure (The pin is hand-forged sterling silver that is curly at both ends and wrapped in matching suede!!!!) It is asymmetrically pleated and ends with an uneven hem. Cute even without the sweater with the fig broadcloth Mason Skirt.

    LOVE this color mix!!!! The linen Cropped Cactus Cardigan leaves room for the quirky angles of the black embossed cotton flower Pinwheel Shirt... and it all pulls together with the herringbone linen Cabbage Rose Pants!!! Alicia Van Fleteren makes the boars tooth necklace on antiqued silver with tiny labradorite beads.... REALLY love this!!!!!

    ..... or pare it all down with the cotton Super Cropped Cactus Pullover Vest.....

    That's my story, and I am sticking to it....

    Looking forward to seeing you this fall....the best way to shop is always to come here.... we love to see you!!

    I now have to coordinate my e-mails, messenger, messages, phone calls, and Facebook comments. IF you love me.... reply back at this e-mail address...... it is the fairest to everyone because I answer e-mails in the order that they are received even when I am not in the shop..... I do not pick up phone messages!!!!

    Last newsletter, I somehow deleted some messages on my phone.... if I lost you, I am sincerely sorry!!

    This is a night light by Berkeley artist Horatio Tubio .... it not only lights up, but it plays "As Time Goes By".......

    Time does go by... make it soon!!!

    Love you all

    It is so hot here in Modesto that it is funny to think about fall!

    Fall will soon (maybe) bring sweater weather. This is a painted pullover sweater from Skif. I gave it with one of my Escape from Paris necklaces, a sheer mesh Comfy tee, and olive balloon leg pants from Sun Kim.

    This Skif sweater is perfect with the olive Sun Kim pants because it has the cool contrast pocket that matches. The big loop necklace is a nice color to go with it.

    I started getting some of my fall things really early. Now I know not to write "as ready" in the shipping date box.

    I only bought one of this very special Heydari jacket with the big cool tucks. I really love this perforated fabric. It has s lot of drama, snd is very sophisticated too. I have it over a Heydari Dress with Zzan jewelry from Israel.

    This is the dress that was under the coat. It will take you a lot of places. The square necklace is from Israel too.

    Simple and fabulous coat. It is light weight to wear all fall, and the color will be great next spring too.

    Under that coat, I have a layered look top that I just keep re-ordering from Porto. it is a knit top with the white woven shirt collar, cuffs, and bottom sewn in. Cool?

    I guess you can tell that I really went crazy for these coats. This is a simple and easy shorter style with some nice detail. I have a printed cotton tulle Matthildur tee andblack crinkle pants under it.

    This wrap jacket has a dramatic collar. I have put it over a gray and black striped tank and pants from Heydari too.

    It seems like many designers fell in love with this polka dot fabric. I like the way Heydari mixed it with the stripe. How about that for a different necklace?

    I still have one of this fabulous Papucei canvas and leather dress. Debby looks amazing in hers. I still can't believe I got leather in the spring.

    This asymmetric leather jacket from Papucei is very small, but you can see it is a wonderful style.

    My British designer friend from London, Ray Harris, was in our shop once for a trunk show. He taught me that "Overdone is a term used by lazy people!" That is because he was the master of layering and accessories. I was thinking of him when I did this

    An amazing scarf from Italy and a big lucite chain link necklace with a sheer New York77 tunic over a fancy silver patterned tunic from Grizas and striped Heydari pants at the bottom.

    My tribute to Ray.

    So, we are hoping to get to see you soon. We are ready for any season and almost any place.

    Let me know if I can send you something to try.

    Big hug.


    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    Kati Koos

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