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    Siga Bari came to the United States from his native Fiji Islands in the South Pacific over twenty years ago. His name is pronounced "Singa Baree"....

    Siga spent his early career in up-market and luxury resorts in Fiji and continued working in the hospitality industry when he arrived in San Francisco. In 1992, his wife, Kati, opened her clothing shop in downtown San Francisco. Siga took an immediate interest in the fashion industry, always traveling with Kati to clothing markets in Los Angeles and New York. His flair and sense of style developed so quickly that soon he was adventuring out to shop on his own and finding exciting new collections to introduce to San Francisco.

    A few years later, Siga and Kati joined forces in both the clothing shop and an art gallery.

    Siga opened his own shop in 2014. He sells all of his favorite collections from Europe and Japan as well as the United States, and is always looking for new and exciting things. His philosophy is that style is for everyone, and he works with each customer to develop her own individual look..... and he never forgets that fashion is fun, but style is forever.

    Wow..... who knew a year could zip by so fast?!?! Next week will be a year that Siga and I have been in our new shop in Modesto. Guess it's true that time flies when one loves one's life.... and we do! Love the big space to do more....and that so many if you make the effort to come see us.... A great big THANK YOU❤️

    It is a good thing for my newsletter that Magnolia Pearl was able to replenish these pieces that sold out immediately after being posted on my Facebook page.... with a waiting list too!!!

    The Bondi Blouse is hand block printed cotton with a raw edged neck and pleats..... PERFECT for these hot summer days 😎 😎 😎 and super nice to wear with the Dagney Jeans..... I do hope to have more of them when they are back in stock.

    I had to beg for another one of these.... the European linen Victorian Ribbon Coat in this beautiful prairie star color. The details are amazing..... hand-embroidered silk ribbon, tiny shell buttons, and floral embroidery....

    I just love to display my fabulous Belinda Cardoza bags with my Magnolia Pearl and Krista Larson clothes...... Those of you have these bags know what treasures they become....

    The antique French linen postal bag, with leather trim and a vintage brass tag.... with the Magnolia Pearl polka dot cotton Cosmo Jacket and Krista Larson oat linen Basic Detail Pants.

    The vintage Belgian tapestry bag, with rich brown leather trim and a vintage brass tag.... with the lavishly embroidered MP Hadie Mae Brown Dress in midnight cotton/silk.

    The 1920-1930's era velvet chair cover with its denim tone stitched vintage fabric, leather trim, and vintage brass tag.... with the MP chocolat French cotton Olivia Clemens Jacket with cotton lace and hand-sewn antiqued hooks and eyes.

    The vintage velvet bag with coppery leather trim is just perfect with Krista Larson's nickel velvet embroidered silk taffeta Vagabond Vest and jade striped silk taffeta Nikki Skirt!

    Clothes time!!!! I made this outfit the other day to show how easy it is the put your fanciest Krista or Magnolia Pearl pieces with a pair of jeans for every day....

    The Krista butterfly printed silk organza Umbrella Slip with a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and jeans (This pair happens to be mine.... it is going to be a while before the MP Dagney Jeans are back in stock 😫 😫 😫 )

    What fun to wear this just because.....

    I am going to obsess about Umbrella Slips for a while because I have some great ones.....

    The cream striped silk jacquard Umbrella Slip over a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and the always fabulous Pastry Skirt with layers of cotton, tulle, and silk organza ( my personal "go to" skirt) The cameo necklace and onyx rope are from Caramia at Hot Cakes.... hope to gave mire next week!

    I can remember the time when Krista's idea of a polka dot was so small as to barely be visible.... Times have changed!!!! The bold polka dot cotton canvas Umbrella Slip has lots of body to make a statement.... over the same tulle tee and layered skirt. To continue with bold.... a bright pink velveteen heart necklace!

    More whimsical polka dots.....the dotted cotton lawn Bloomers with pretty lace trim add that touch of "girlie" to the plaid cotton/ramie Pinwheel Cami and Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee.....with a dressed up Frozen Charlotte necklace by Tznya Profis.

    The Long Tunnel Slip continues to be a Krista favorite.... it being so easy to wear, alone as well as layered. Here in plaid cotton/ramie pucker over a black Single Layer Stretch Tulle Tee and botanical print cotton Nikki Skirt. Fun to put flower pins in unexpected places... this one picks up the bit of red in the plaid.....

    Back to the frustration of photographing black.... Ugh!

    I could not resist the decadence..... the Candy Shop Shirt with amazing details on the front.... with the striped cotton Bakery Skirt with even more ruffles and flourishes....

    Candy Shop ❤️ Bakery.....

    .... and a WOW Bakery.....

    Stunning is the first word that comes to mind to describe this awesome radish double-faced silk satin Bakery Slip🌹🌹🌹 Under it is a black cotton Long Underpinning Slip..... just because I love the added volume at the bottom.... and the ethereal quality of the silk organza bringing up the hem. Long onyx ropes add a touch of sexy.....

    Red and polka dots make for a happy outfit.... I rather like the white embossed cotton flower Pinwheel Cami peeking out and giving even more angles to the red polka dot silk charmeuse Billowy Shirt. The white linen Cabbage Rose Pants make an outfit of three fabulous pieces that all go with so many other things..

    A Cabbage Rose with a whole different feel!!!........

    The Long Cabbage Rose Slip in black double-faced cotton jersey can be worn ever so casually with a tee underneath..... but I decided to take it over the top with the bubble tie-dyed velvet Cropped Armadillo Shirt!!!! Do you love it?!?! With Caramia's beaded carved cross necklace.

    Now you get to see the rest of my bubble tie-dye love affair.... so wonderfully quirky for Krista....

    The fabric everyone LOVES..... the cotton/ramie pucker that feels even better than silk...... bubble tie-dyed into a Kite Shirt and put over a black cotton broadcloth Long Underpinning Slip.....

    Bubble tie-dyed cotton tulle as a Basic Tee with herringbone linen Cabbage Rose Pants... works well with the black chain link rope.... simple, easy, and contemporary!

    I think the dip-dye is pretty cool too..... here in cotton/ramie pucker as the Basic Tee.... with a striped cotton Pastry Skirt with layers of tulle and black silk organza over nickel/black stripes. With a cream velveteen heart necklace.

    My favorite buffalo plaid silk taffeta is back!!!!.... as the ever popular Billowy Shirt that I have layered up over the cream stripe silk jacquard Umbrella Slip and a pair of fabulous balloon leg Comfy pants that I had to borrow from Siga. I must have had a senior hour when I wrote this order because I only bought one pair of black pants!!!!!

    Ok.... I am repeating the tie-dye velvet top..... but I love the way it gives the buffalo plaid taffeta Umbrella Slip a whole different feel! The black pants are Siga's Comfy ones again ( Those are my "go to" pants when I am not in my MP Dagney Jeans!)

    You can see here that I have a beautiful collection of Krista Larson in many colorways.... something for every season and activity and ocassion!

    We are open Tuesday through Saturday ..... 9:30-ish until 5:30. We only live four minutes from the shop, so you can come on Monday if you call us first.... 209-284-0326.

    It is good to check our Facebook pages for things that come and disappear between newsletters.... just click on the big blue buttons at the end of this letter....

    We are really looking forward to seeing you.....

    Love and big hugs for all of you ❌⭕️

    I am looking forward to seeing you too. I have a lot of wonderful pieces that are perfect to wear now or to take on trips with you.

    You can still get some of my fabulous hand-painted Skif shirts and dresses.

    My Gershon B R A M polka dots are the best things to travel with, and my polka dot scarves can go with almost anything too!

    I have a wonderful selection of special bags.

    Just some of my bags and shoes

    Some of my fall collections are arriving very early! I will have some of these things in the next newsletter if it isn't still this hot.

    Hope to see you soon.


    Come on, click on the big square and see what you've been missing!

    Kati Koos

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